USB Serial Port

USB Serial Port Number

How to determine a serial port (COM) number when using USB-to-serial-port converters

1) select Control Panel
2) select System, then Hardware
3) select Dvice Manager
4) select and expand Ports (COM & LPT) – note: it may not yet exist, that’s okay
5) plug in the USB converter… the display may blink as it detects the converter
6) note if the Ports displays a new device and what the COM# is assigned
7) unplug the converter…the COM# should disappear…this is the assigned port number

How to change a COM port number

As above…
1) select and right-click on the port in (6) above
2) select Properties
3) select Port Settings
4) select Advanced
5) select Com Port Number pull-down menu arrow
…this will show you the currently assigned Com port number and the unused Com port numbers available. Choose a desired port number.
6 click OK

The PORTS entry on the Device Manager will show the new port number assigned.

Jim yuen
August 22, 2012