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  1. Programming language books, mostly web based (Linux, Python, Pearl, PHP, HTML, etc.)
  2. Ham Radio books


Programming Language books



  • PERL in a Nutshell
  • PERL Cookbook
  • Learning PHP & MySQL
  • Web Design in a Nutshell

  • Dynamic HTML
  • HTML
  • CGI By Example
  • Webmaster in a Nutshell

  • UNIX System Administration Handbook
  • UNIX in a Nutshell
  • UNIX Communications

  • Running LINUX
  • LINUX in a Nutshell
  • The LINUX Bible
  • LINUX Unleashed


  • JAVA Programming Basics
  • JAVAScript & JQuery
  • JAVAScript by Example
  • PHP, MySQ, JAVAScript & HTML5 for Dummies

Ham Radio books






  • The ARRL Extra Class License Manual
  • The ARRL Advanced Class License Manual
  • The FCC Rule Book
  • Getting on Track with APRS
  • The ARRL Tech Q & A



  • Understanding Basic Electronics



  • The ARRL Antenna Handbook
  • The ARRL Handbook 1996
  • The ARRL Handbook 2002
  • The ARRL Operating Manual


  • DXing Behind the Scene
  • The ARRL HF Digital Handbook
  • Practical Antenna Handbook
  • Ham Radio for Dummies


  • ARES Field Resources Manual
  • Public Service Commuications Manual
  • Transmitter Hunting Radio Direction Finding Simplified
  • Low Profile Amateur Radio



  • Practical Antenna Manual
  • FCC Interference Handbook
  • What is your TCN Doing
  • Radio Angels

  • Mobile Two Way Radio Coommunications
  • NOSINTRO TCP over Packet Radio
  • Your Gateway to Packet Radio
  • 2004 Emeergency Response Guidebook