Electronic Legos

… are modules designed for a specific function. These can be combined like “Lego” to create complete electronic devices. Many are designed to be built into appliances such as cars, entertainment electronics, etc. and/or as supplemental additions to hobby micro-controllers such as Arduino, Basic Stamp, Pic processors, etc.

These electronic “Lego” building blocks are often manufactured in China and offered¬†on eBay ¬†for $1.00 to $10.00 each. Listed below are a few of the many modules available for a pittnace.

Power and voltage regulators, buck/boost converters, etc.

Audio recorders, players, amplifiers, etc.

Motion, touch, proximity, light, temperature, humidity, etc. sensors

Low voltage control relays

Mini LED volt, current, etc. digital meters

A few Arduino micro-controller links

Click here for an example of the many low-cost modules available – ChipPartner on eBay