Hawaii Ham Hotsheet – Useful info for new Hawaii hams

JOE SPERONI’s web page: Joe AH0A has a web page with useful ham info at He has Morse Code training software available for free download. Further info, contact joe @


Examinations are held regularly by a local ARRL Volunteer Examiner group. Further info, contact Ray Moody moody @

Hawaii VHF/UHF repeater frequencies: Our Frequency Coordinator is Rick Ching KH7O kh7o @ and there is a complete listing at

Ham SWAP’N’SHOP broadcast every Tuesday night 8 PM, 146.88 Mhz (Diamond Head repeater). Non-commercial effort by KH6CDO to help buy, sell and trade ham radio items. Highly recommended. Further info, contact Frank drfyoung @ or 988-7474. Also listed on EARC website.

E-mail reflectors (list-servs) that allow Hawaii hams to post any ham radio announcements which then are forwarded by e-mail to all who are “subscribed.” Both are free and very useful in finding out what is going on in Hawaii ham radio. For specific info, contact Ron or Jim.

HIHAM reflector: For info or difficulty getting subscribed, contact Ron Hashiro (AH6RH) rhashiro @


Send email to: For info, contact Jim Yuen (WH6GS) wh6gs @

Web page:

Informal and open general interest club meets monthly on 2nd Saturday morning. New/prospective hams/visitors always welcome. Club goes out on Field Day each year. Meeting location and other club info on web page.. For more info, contact Warren kh6wm @ or 487-1863.


Web page:

Club meets monthly on 3rd Tuesday. New/prospective hams/visitors always welcome. Club concentrates on repeater and emergency functions and operates/maintains numerous repeaters on Oahu. Further info on web page or contact Kevin Bogan ah6qo @

Useful ham information available at Ron Hashiro’s AH6RH web page:

Jim YuenWH6GS pages:

Information on Hawaii State RACES (emergency communications) can be found at :

Information on Oahu RACES (DEM) (emergency communications) can be found at :

File on web:

Original: Warren Munro KH6WM, 2006

Revised: Jim Yuen WHGS, Jan 2011

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