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Health Comm is fortunate to have three repeaters at its disposal for exercises and actual emergencies, thanks to Vince H. Lee, KH6ICX and Mel Vendiola, NH6WP.

The repeaters are:

Main repeater is 147.280+, is located atop Hawaii Medical WEST and cover all of the West Oahu and Waianae range.

KH6ICX, with frequency 147.22+, is located atop Hawaii Medical at Liliha and covers all of metropolitan Honolulu.

NH6WP, with frequency 444.00+, is located atop Leahi Hospital in Kaimuki and covers Waikiki to Hawaii Kai.

Frequency Chart for-Oahu HealthComm Hospital Net 

VHF Simplex UHF Simplex        Repeaters
  147.420    446.000         HMC West (NH6WP)147.280+
  147.440   446.025         HMC (KH6ICX) 147.220+
  147.460   446.050        Leahi (NH6WP) 444.000+
  147.480   446.075
 *147.500  *  446.100 NCS
  147.520   446.125    
  147.540   446.150    
  147.560   446.175    
  147.580   446.200    
* Simplex Frequencies used for NCS

HF (High Frequency)  Hawaii State HealthComm Hospital net

HealthComm has a HF net.  Meets on the 1st Saturday of each month.
The frequency is 7.0880 MHz (Main), 3.888 MHz (alternate), 5.371.5 USB (alternate). They are 40meter, 75meter, and 60meter.