Ham Radio in Hawaii

Solar Photovotaic Power System

This Photovoltaic system was installed in 2001 to provides emergency power. It is not intended to replace commercial power. Note: the house was sold in 2004.

The equipment list:

One Siemens 100 Watt Photovoltaic panel mounted on the roof facing a South-East direction.

One Sun-Saver-10 ten ampere charge controller set to the gel-cell position.

One bank of six 30 Amp/Hour gel-cell ealed lead-acid batteries plus an auxilliary bank of four 30 Amp/Hour gel-cell sealed lead-acid batteries. A total of 300 Amp/Hours of capacity.

One Statpower ProWatt-1500 inverter rated at 1500 Watts.

One home-made power distribution panel for 12VDC connections and a 15VDC analog meter.

One conventional 120 VAC duplex outlet with neon indicator light connected to the inverter.


In case of power failure, turn on the inverter and connect an extension cord to the duplex outlet to power lights, etc.

 Photovoltaic System

 Auxilliary and Emergency power for the house
Siemens PV panel  100 Watt, 18 Volt, 7 Ampere
 Charge Controller  Sun Saver 10 Ampere controller
 Batteries (6) + (4)  12 Volt 30 Ampere/hour sealed lead acid gel-cells (from an electric car manufacturer)
 Distribution panel Home made
 DC to AC Inverter  Statpower ProWatt 1500 Watt Inverter
 AC distribution  10 Gauge Romex to standard 3-prong dupplex outlet
 DC distribution  10 Gauge Romex to 30-Amp Anderson PowerPole outlets

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