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Field Day 1997 at Haleiwa
by Jim & Bev Yuen

Photos from the 1997 Field Day Event at Haleiwa, Oahu

Field Day 1997 is shared with the "radioactive" Boy Scout Troop 181

What's Field Day without a few comments from the peanut gallery?

Heads down QSO to the Mainland
Fred KH7CR and Chris KH7CL

Hmmm, was that JA or VK?

Dibs. I'm next.

Hey, North Carolina's coming in!

"CQ Field Day, This is AH6PB, 2 Alpha Pacific"
says contest old timer, Eran WH6R

Pete KH6CTQ smokes the ether with his *hot* 3 Watt QRP rig

Ole Flying Fingers on his home-brew photo-diode iambic keyer

How many new hams will we have today?

L-R Chris Smith KH7CK, Steve Isagawa, Carol Choy, Joseph Diniega, Michael Diniega taking their tests.

Was that I=E/R or E=I/R?

L-R Chris Smith, Steve Isagawa, Carol Choy

Bev AH6NF congratulates Carol, newest YL ham.

Congratulations to new Extra, Steve Pang, AH6PB.

Congratulations to new Technicians, Brad Choy KH7FD, Carol Choy KH7FI, Joseph Diniega KH7FF, Michael Diniega KH7FG, Steve Isagawa KH7FH, Shawn Mayton and Kevin Sullivan

Congratulations to Victor Choy and Denise Choy for passing the Novice written exam. Now comes DA CODE.

Last update June, 1997

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