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Pac Con 99

Photos from the February 13, 1999 Packet Conference, Honolulu Hawaii

The second Oahu packet conference was held Saturday, February 13, 1999, organized and hosted by Richard LaChance, WH6T, of StarComm Radio, and Myles Sakaguchi, KH7HB of Kenwood Communications.

Over 70 hams and prospective hams enjoyed a great morning and afternoon at the Beretania Recreational Center in downtown Honolulu learning about digital radio techniques.

Presentations and demonstrations on VHF Packet Radio, ARESPACK, Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS), X1-J networks, Kauai packet update, JNOS TCPIP networks, satellite and SSTV communications, Pactor and Winlink systems kept the level of excitement high for over 5 hours.

Our local Kenwood distributor graciously provided T-shirts, caps, and two great prizes: an MFJ TNC and a Kenwood TH235 H-T.

Richard LaChance, WH6T, provided lots of free sodas and hot dogs.

Mahalo to our volunteer presentors:

You know there's something radio-active going on when you see Mel Inouye, WH6UG, park his Comm Van nearby.

How many new hams will we have today? Over 70 listening to Myles Sakaguchi, KH7HB, of Kenwood introduce the new Kenwood products at the 1999 Packet Conference.

Kenwood Rep, Myles Sakaguchi, KH7HB, presents a video of the exciting new Kenwood Handi-Talkie, the TH-D7A, a dual-band (2 Meter, 70 cm) handheld with a built-in TNC running 1200 and 9600 baud, and the Kenwood VC-H1 visual communicator.

The two Jims (Jim Pilgram, WH6FG, from Kauai and Jim Yuen, WH6GS) check out the ARESPACK systems.


Ted Brattstrom, NH6YK, demonstrates the ins-and-outs of satellite communications with the Russian MIR Space Station.

He demonstrated Slow Scan TV (SSTV), using the new Kenwood VC-H1 visual communicator which promises exciting times to come.


Tom Simon, NH6XP, of State Civil Defense, gives a detailed talk on how the X1-J network works on a state-wide basis in anticipation of future emergency communications needs.


Jim Pilgram, WH6FG, updates us on the Kauai ARES organization and its progress in preparing for the next hurricane.

Bill Rhoden, AH6IH, demonstrates the intricacies of WinLink on a VHF-HF setup. WinLink utilizes Pactor protocol to pass packets through HF.

Bill Rhoden's Pactor setup. Note Bill's original design angle steel custom made rack on the right.


Dale Esperum, KH7PJ, checks out the WinLink system.

Adrian DiTucci, KH7GK, enjoys a quiet moment with his wife, Jolene, KH7ND, and son.

Steve Pang, AH6PB, gets help from Jim Yuen, WH6GS, Randy Kurashige, WH6AJ, and Don Torres, KH7HU, taking apart his "portable" Cushcraft R7000 antenna. Would you believe that almost all 25 feet of it packs away in one 30 inch plastic case?

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the PacCon 99 drawing!

Milton Migita, KH7LC, proudly holds an MFJ TNC.

Wayne Greenleaf's, NH6PQ, daughter Wendi displays her new Kenwood HT.





Report by Jim Yuen, WH6GS. Photos by Bev Yuen, AH6NF

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