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Internet Remote Base

An Internet Remote Base (IRB) consists of an Amateur Radio tranmitter / receiver attached to one or more antennas, connected to the internet. Both audio and control commands are transported  via the internet. The location is remote to the operating position, from many feet to thousands of miles.

The operating position consists of a PC / laptop connected to the internet, transporting both audio and control commands to the remote base.

This presentation focuses on an integrated solution presented by Ten Tec in the form of the Omni VII transceiver with a built-in Ethernet connection and remote base firmware installed. Ten Tec refers to this as their "One Plug" solution.

The presentation and demostration was given to the Ko'olau Amateur Radio Club at the monthly meeting, April 14, 2007 by Bev AH6NF and Jim WH6GS.


Internet Remote Base Slide Show (PowerPoint)

TRX-Manager information

Ten Tec Omni VII information
Ten Tec Omni VII Brochure
Ten Tec Omni VII Operating Manual

Ten Tec Omni VII One Plug Download - program and manual

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FCC part 97 rules

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KH6YY recorded QSO - .mp3

DX-Monitor download site - VE3SUN DX Monitor shareware

Additional IRB world-wide - W7DXX and W4MQ are two of the more active hams in setting up more than 20 IRBs. Their websites list the available IRBs and how to subscribe to them for use.

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