H F Day

Saturday, September 22, 2001

10 AM 5 PM

Sand Island Park Far End


  1. Are you an Upgraded Ham (Tech Plus, General or Extra) who has never tried HF?
  2. Are you a new Ham who would like to try HF?
  3. Are you an experienced Ham (OM) who can "elmer" a newcomer?

The Amateur Radio Clubs of Oahu invite you to a hands-on session on High Frequency operations. We have old-timers ready to help you make a first QSO contact on HF, or answer any questions you may have on Ham Radio.

From 10 AM until 5 PM, we will have various HF radios and antennas set up for you to try out. Bring your own equipment or your questions if you wish.

The place is at the far end of Sand Island Park. Take Nimitz Highway to Sand Island Road, and follow it over the bridge, into the park, to the very end. You can see the antennas and canopies. Talk in frequency is 146.88 (+).

Check the nightly net (146.88+ 1930 Z) and the ham email lists for reminders.

Questions? Ask Jim at jimyuen@hawaii.rr.com or Walt at walt@hawaii.rr.com