HF Day, Sept 22, 2001

Photos by Jim Yuen

Sept 22, 2001 was HF Day dedicated to new and newly upgraded hams to see, touch and operate HF rigs, ask questions and get advice from old timers.

It was a beautiful blue sky day at Sand Island Park as over 40 hams and ham-wannabes came out from 10 AM until almost 5 PM. Seven stations were set up with everything from QRP, SSB, RTTYand CW. First QSO went to Finland followed by Sakhalin Island (Russia), Argentina, Japan, Australia and a bunch of states.

Special thanks to two guys, Kimo KH7U and Walt AH6OZ for efforts over and beyond the call of duty to make the day a success.



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ant.jpgWhat's an H F Day without an antenna farm? Can you see the huge Delta Loop atop the mast?

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ray.jpgRay Moody AH6LT key-pounding away

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jim.jpgWhen the band's dead, what does Jim KC7OKZ do?

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jim2.jpg...check out the latest issue of RSGB Iota Directory, of course.

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tom-grp.jpgGlenn and fellow ham watch Tom NH7EJ fixing the rig

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linn-grp.jpgWhile Kimo KH7U and Linn WH6CVF have an Eyeball QSO, Carol KC7TSX ( in white) uses her trusty phone for a Cell QSO

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rh-grp.jpgHank KH6HAK, Ken KH7R, Ray NH6RZ and Ron AH6RH check out QRP

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wn-grp.jpgWalt AH6OZ and Mike AH7R discuss the finer points of HFing

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jen.jpgJan WH7Y in shades checks out the rig

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jen2.jpgah...this one is better

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dan-jen-bob.jpgDan KH6UW, Jan WH7Y and Bob W7TSQ (Seattle) talking DXpedition. Dan and Bob recently returned from the Johnston Island (K3J) DXpedition.

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dx-dinner2.jpgA good dinner always follows a fine day of HFing.

Mike KH6ND, Kimo KH7U, Bev AH6NF, Bob W7TSQ, Dan KH6UW, Jim WH6GS

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dx-dinner.jpgBurp !

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