Hono Amateur Radio Club

Volume 9, Issue 2 An ARRL Affiliated Radio ClubMarch 1, 2005

Mark your calendar -PLEASE ATTEND!
Saturday March 19, 2005
ZIPPY'S on Vineyard Blvd
Corner of Vineyard and Mauna Kea Streets
Entrance on Maunakea Street


President's Message

Here we go again

John D. Peters K1ER

President HARC

This is our second meeting in 2005, please try to attend.

News and comments

Francis Theodore Blatt, KH6KH, SK

January 20, 2005 -- Francis Blatt, KH6KH, of Honolulu, Hawaii, died January 13. He was 94. A former ARRL Hawaii Section Communications Manager and former state director for the Army Military Affiliate Radio Service (MARS) program, Blatt was a prominent figure in the history of radiocommunication in Hawaii. First licensed as K6ETF while in his teens, he remained an ARRL member for 76 years. As the chief radio operator for McNeil & Libby, Blatt he installed the first inter-island wireless communication system. He later went to work at the U.S Navy Yard in Pearl Harbor from 1934 until 1945, when he became the Federal Aviation Agency transmitter station chief for Hawaii from 1946 until his retirement in 1970. He was a member and director of the Honolulu Amateur Radio Club. A service is set for January 20 in Honolulu. The family invites donations to the Honolulu Assembly of God Francis and Antonia Blatt Memorial Fund, 1007 Koko Head Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816.-- Lee Wical, KH6BZF

Received a note from Kunio, 1506 Talent Ave, Talent, OR 97540 on Jan 27, 2005 "Thank you very much for honoring my father, Francis Blatt, with your presence at the service. I'm sure he feels all the loving thoughts that we send him as he receives God's blessing." I'm sure this thought from the family of Francis is to every Member of HARC.

ANOTHER SILENT KEY REPORT: Jack Wheat WH6AYN a former member of HARC passed away in October 2004. R.I.P.

At the January 2005 meeting, the Membership elected Eran Agmon WH6R a Director of HARC to replace Francis Blatt KH6KH (SK). WELCOME to the Board Eran.

The Election of Officers and Directors for 2005 was held at the January 2005 meeting. There being no additional nominations or volunteers the election of the listed Officers and Directors was unanimous.


Please RENEW NOW for 2005. Pay your 2005 Dues for HARC.

IF YOU ARE OVER 70 AND YOUR BIRTHDAY IS IN MAR/APR, your breakfast is on HARC. We value our senior and experienced members and want your stories.

There is a SWAP MEET on April 2nd, at the Aiea Elementary School. (Same as last year.) From Ulune Street, turn toward the Aloha Stadium on Kaimakani and the school is on your left a block from Ulune. Trade junk with other hams and swap stories over coffee. The information sheet IS enclosed in this Newsletter for your information. I am the DXCC Card Checker and will be there. IF you need DXCC cards checked, Call me. You must use the current ARRL DXCC Application form, bring a stamped envelope and payment check. After I check your cards, YOU keep the cards and I mail your checked application and check in your envelope to the ARRL DXCC. Question? Call 484 9748 so the cards are ready to check. Go to the webpages www.arrl.org search on DXCC and both download the application form and read the rules.

Tets AH7C and I just returned from a DXPedition to Swains Island, American Samoa. Typhoon Percy went directly over the island and caused damage like the Tsunami in Thailand. Boats, Rocks, Coral and a huge survey marger were tossed from the beach to the living area inland. We carried food, water, clothes, generators, gasoline to the people living on Swains Island and managed to work 9460 hams around the world for a new one. New both as IOTA OC2000 and should be new for DXCC since all the requirements to count under the DXCC2000 rules were met. We are still playing politics but expect to make it count for DXCC.

73 John K1ER


February 10, 2005
Waldorf, MD 20601

The Federal Communications Commission notified you by letter dated December 20, 2004, that it has received complaints of harmful radio interference apparently caused by an aquarium light in your residence.

In the December 20 letter, you were advised that this problem, if unresolved, could be a violation of FCC rules and could result in a monetary forfeiture (fine) for each occurrence. The letter explained the responsibility of consumers in regard to radio interference from incidental radiators. Tests with the complainant indicated that the interference from your residence is apparently resulting from one of your three aquarium lights. When that light was turned off, the interference stopped.

You were requested to advise this office within 30 days of what steps you were taking to correct this reported interference problem, but you have not done so. The complainant, a licensed radio operator, reports that the interference continues. In order to avoid enforcement action, please advise this office within 10 days of receipt letter of what action you have taken, or intend to take, in order to correct the source of these radio emissions. CC: FCC District Office, Columbia, MD


Balance $4,482.84
February 16, 2005 statement

Expenses (shown in balance above)
Submit Karl Chang ARRL dues
Donation $20 to Church for Wake for Francis Blatt.

Balance $

Report as provided at the Mar 2005, Meeting. You may pay dues at any time. We're accepting 2005 now. We are ALSO accepting DONATIONS, equipment or money for the Amateur Radio School in the Solomon Islands (H44A).

Member Application Form

New or renewal, same form. The best way to learn what your new license can mean is to chat with the old timers who've been there. Mail a check to HARC. Mail a check to HARC.

Name __________
Callsign __________
Address __________
City __________
StateZIPCODE __________

ARRL Member? (Yes) (Life) (No)

Dues for 2005 are due and remain $15
Mail to:

Attn: Treasurer
98-1547 Akaaka Street
Aiea, HI 96701

March Meeting Topics

Breakfast, pick up your QSLs
Introduce guests and new Members
Report from the SM and opportunity to discuss his message and ask questions.
Learn what YOU can do to fight restrictive covenants and BPL


What do YOU want HARC to do?

What would YOU like to do in HARC?

I need material for this Newsletter. Do you want me to copy material from the Pacific Division ARRL Newsletter? ARRL Bulletins? Why don't YOU write something and send it?

W5YI VE Session at HARC Meetings

The W5YI VE team is headed by Lee Wical KH6BZ.

The VE Session will follow the HARC Meeting. If you have any question, contact Lee. The fee is set by the FCC. You need your current license and a copy of it, plus a photo ID, if you plan to upgrade.

HARC, John D. Peters K1ER
98-1547 Akaaka Street
Aiea, HI 96701-3051