Hono Amateur Radio Club

Volume 7, Issue 2 An ARRL Affiliated Radio Club March 1, 2003

Mark your calendar - PLEASE ATTEND!
Saturday March 15, 2003
ZIPPY'S on Vineyard Blvd
Corner of Vineyard and Mauna Kea Streets
Entrance on Maunakea Street

Inside This Issue
1 President's Message de K1ER
2 ARRL Dicision Director SK
3 W5YI VE Session after HARC Meeting
4 FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Log
5 Calendar of Events/FCC News
 6  Election Results 2003pics%20

President's Message

Here we go again

John D. Peters K1ER

President HARC

Sad News

I was surprised by the Email news that Jim Maxwell had passed away. He was not in poor health and certainly not elderly. Beware of the hidden flaw that causes the sudden MI or Aneurism. Jim was a personal friend, although best known to many in HARC for his lack of interest in improving QST delivery to Hawaii. Not enough ARRL Members to influence things live in Hawaii.

January Meeting

I hope you managed to attend our January 2003 meeting to hear Peter Demmer KH6CTQ show and tell what you can still build, for fun, with currently available things. Peter demonstrated variable capacitors created from old CDROM (did you know the little metal coating under the plastic surface makes a good moving plate for a CAP? Peter showed the construction technique and how a simple, and historic, early radio receiver can be made just for fun. This is the type of project that would still interest kids. Hands on and no TV or video game involved.
Peter will continue his show and tell for such construction projects at the May 2003 meeting.


The member attendance at the January meeting filled four large tables and 4 booths. We had 3 people being tested with two new hams and 1 upgrade. WELL DONE, CONGRATULATIONS.

HARC Officers and Elections.

We need some new Officers for HARC. We need YOU to volunteer to do your share (which is really not much work.) We need a new Treasurer and we need a new Secretary. We are a small radio club, with relatively few members and few meetings. The effort required will not overly tax you, and you'll enjoy doing it. VOLUNTEER NOW.

UPGRADE, tell your friends!

A W5YI VE testing session will follow the meeting for those desiring to upgrade their licenses or try for a new one. Contact Lee Wical KH6BZF for more details. Walk ins are NOT accepted unless someone has REQUESTED that they be tested. Tests will be held ON REQUEST. Call Lee FIRST so the VE are ready. Tell the new ham to come for Breakfast at 0900 and enjoy the meeting, then take the test for a license. Call Lee first so the VE are prepared.

You have seen this before unless you're a new member.

The club repeater KH6WO/R on 146.18/78 is the club repeater. Try it. The club beacon station is receiving SWL reports from all around the world. KH6WO (beacon) is part of the NCDXF world wide system and you can read all about it on the internet. http://www.ncdxc.org and click on beacons. Want to know which bands are open to any area, this is one way to find out.

We do not have a speaker for the March meeting so it is an informal breakfast, ragchew meeting.

The May meeting will have another show and tell by Peter KH6CTQ showing another construction project based on the early days of radio. Peter likes history and finding ways to still build with what is available to every ham today.

The Hams from H44 who graduated in the first class from the radio school are on the air but very low power and frequently on 11 meters (which is still a ham band overseas) using donated CB radios. As they get real HF rigs look for them on 10, 15, 20 etc.



John D. Peters K1ER, President

Pacific Division Director Jim Maxwell, W6CF, died February 6 at his home in Redwood Estates, California. He was 69 years old. Pacific Division Vice Director Bob Vallio, W6RGG, takes over immediately as Director; ARRL President Jim Haynie, W5JBP, will appoint a new Vice Director. Maxwell, a Life Member of the League, also previously served as Pacific Division Vice Director and Santa Clara Valley Section Manager.

I have known Jim Maxwell since 1966 when we were both new DXers in the No Calif DX Club. Jim was (as I recall) still in school at the time working on his PhD in Engineering. "He was one of the best assets Amateur Radio could have in a leadership position." David Sumner, K1ZZ, said, "Jim Maxwell was one of the most brilliant people I have ever had the privilege to know. He was also one of the most unselfish and one of the most modest." Maxwell was an avid DXer and contester. He was a member of the ARRL DX Advisory Committee from 1988 through 1994. Maxwell previously held the call W6CUF. His interest in radio and electronics history was well known. Professionally, Maxwell held doctoral degrees in aeronautical engineering and biomechanics. He retired from the Lockheed Missiles and Space Corporation as a technical consultant in 1992 and from Scitor Corporation in 1998. I'll miss him as a friend and DXer. Perhaps Bob W6RGG can improve QST delivery to Hawaii and the Pacific. Jim, 73 SK de John K1ER


Current Officers

Pres John Peters K1ER
Vpres Dan Greeson KH6P
Treas Vacant and needed
Sec (see Pres!)

Francis Blatt KH6KH
Ted Chernin KH6GI
Lee Wical KH6BZF
Peter Demmer KH6CTQ

Some of these officers have been doing the job for several years. YOU need to volunteer to keep HARC alive and active. Come to meetings, participate.

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Log

Feb 15, 2001
FCC Enforcement Logs
A representative listing of recent reports on Amateur Radio enforcement-related actions from the files of the FCC Enforcement Bureau:
NOTE: Issuance by the FCC of a Warning Notice indicates that the FCC has what it believes to be reliable evidence of possible rules infractions and not necessarily that the recipient has violated FCC rules. The FCC has the authority, pursuant to 97.519(d)(2) of the rules to readminister any examination element previously administered by a volunteer examiner. This Enforcement Log is representative of recent Warning Notices, Notices of Violation, calls for retesting, and other FCC communications to licensees involving possible serious rules violations. This log is compiled monthly. It is not a comprehensive listing of FCC Amateur enforcement actions.


DALLAS, TX: The FCC wrote Darwin Networks Inc on February 8, 2001, requesting that the company inform the FCC within 10 days what action it is taking to eliminate harmful interference to the Amateur Service in the Dallas area resulting from its deployment of Part 15 devices in an apartment complex. The FCC said Darwin Networks operates Part 15 devices in the 2.4 GHz band at the Post Townlake Village property in Dallas "apparently installed in an apartment house complex for Internet service using wireless 2.4 GHz nodes" FCC Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth wrote. Hollingsworth said the devices were causing harmful interference to Amateur TV systems in the area. He noted that operators of Part 15 devices are required to cease operation should harmful interference occur to authorized (ie, licensed) spectrum users. "Darwin Networks is obligated under Commission rules to locate the source of interference caused by its equipment and make necessary corrections within a reasonable time," Hollingsworth said. Darwin's chief technical officer, Jeff Wellenmeyer, had written the complainant stating that the devices were operating under Part 18 Industrial, Scientific and Medical rules, which would not obligate the company to resolve amateur complaints. But Hollingsworth said it appears that Darwin is not operating Part 18 ISM devices but Part 15 devices that are not covered by the same sort of exception, and he pointed to a statement in the Darwin letter stating that the company is operating under 15.249 of the FCC rules.





2003 Member Application Form

New or renewal, same form. The best way to learn what your new license can mean is to chat with the old timers who've been there. Mail a check to HARC. Mail a check to HARC.

Name __________
Callsign __________
Address __________
City __________
State/ZIPCODE __________

ARRL Member? (Yes) (Life) (No)

Dues for 2003 are due and remain $15
Mail to:

John D. Peters K1ER
98-1547 Akaaka Street
Aiea, HI 96701-3051



What do YOU want HARC to do?

What would YOU like to do in HARC?

I need material for this Newsletter. Do you want me to copy material from the Pacific Division ARRL Newsletter? ARRL Bulletins? Why don't YOU write something and send it?

W5YI VE Session at HARC Meetings

The W5YI VE team is headed by Lee Wical KH6BZ.

The VE Session will follow the HARC Meeting. If you have any question, contact Lee. The fee is set by the FCC. You need your current license and a copy of it, plus a photo ID, if you plan to upgrade.

HARC, John D. Peters K1ER
98-1547 Akaaka Street
Aiea, HI 96701-3051