Hono Amateur Radio Club

Volume 5, Issue 2 March 8, 2001


Inside This Issue
1 President's Message de K1ER
1 Message from Jim, ARRL Director
2 Upcoming HamFest 2001
3 Renewal Form
3 Calendar of Events/FCC News
4 News of interest



Mark your calendar -


Saturday Mar 17, 2001


DENNY'S at PearlRidge

On Pali Momi St, Across from Sears


President's Message

Here we go again

John D. Peters K1ER

President HARC

The election results should surprise no one.

Our elections were held at the January meeting for all HARC Officers. To the chagrin of those who wanted a relief, but to no surprise, the incumbents were all re-elected. Although it is always true that every volunteer organization depends on very few volunteers, it is sad that no new ones are ready to step forward and take their place. Perhaps that means no one cares? Or perhaps they don't care very much? In any case we are here for another year.


UPGRADE, tell your friends!

A W5YI VE testing session will follow the meeting for those desiring to upgrade their licenses or try for a new one. Contact Lee Wical KH6BZF for more details. Walk ins are welcome. Tell them to come for Breakfast at 0900 and enjoy the meeting, then take their test for a license. Call Lee or me first.


You have seen this before unless you're a new member.

The club repeater KH6WO/R on 146.18/78 is the new club repeater. Try it. The new machine is much better at rejecting intermod and front-end overload so you should receive better service.


The club beacon station is receiving SWL reports from all around the world. KH6WO (beacon) is part of the NCDXF world wide system and you can read all about it on the internet. http://www.ncdxc.org and click on beacons. Want to know which bands are open to any area, this is one way to find out.


The Honolulu DX Club is looking for members on Oahu. If you're a DXer, we want you. Contact John K1ER or Lee KH6BZF for information.


The Honolulu Chapter of QCWA is looking for members who were first licensed 25 or more years ago. Were you licensed in 1976? You may be eligible to join this most prestigious of radio amateur organizations.


HAMFEST IN 2001!!!!


We do have some news which may interest you. The success of the Hawaii Hamfest for the last two years has encouraged enough people to step up and plan a really big one (do not confuse this with the Dayton Hamvention. Big is relative.)


Mr. Riley Hollingsworth has been invited to come and speak at our State of Hawaii Convention, Saturday 13 October 2001, in Pearl Harbor/Honolulu, Hawai'i.




Pali Momi is the street on the Diamond Head side of the Pearl Ridge Shopping Center. You can park in the shopping center or directly above the Denny's. Very short walk!


From anywhere: on H-1 take the Aiea Exit. That will put you on either Kam Hwy or Moanalua Road (depending on which lane you pick). From KAM Hwy turn on Pali Momi, at the traffic light in one block, the Denny's is at the intersection. PARK and come in.


From Moanalua, turn on Pali Momi and go two blocks, you'll see the Denny's on your left. PARK and come in.


From H-3, take the first exit "STADIUM" that's Ulune St. When it dead ends on Aiea Heights Dr turn left, the next traffic light is Moanalua, turn right and go to Pali Momi and turn left.


We are in the ROOM in the rear of Denny's.


If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.

73 John




Jim Maxwell Pacific Division ARRL Director

Hi to all the HARC members. I had planned a visit to Hawaii to coincide with the HAMFEST in November, you may know that personal problems at the last minute forced me to cancel the trip. I am sorry to miss the opportunity to visit with all of you but it could not be helped. So I am delighted to learn of the effort for a really comprehensive HAMFEST in Hawaii in 2001 and I look forward (again) to having the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones.

The next WARC, probably to be held in Geneva sometime in 2003, is of more than passing interest to amateurs in Hawaii. Several matters scheduled for consideration at the conference will have a profound effect on the future of Amateur Radio. Check the IARU's web site at http://www.iaru.org/cal-181.html. Of major importance is a proposal to "harmonize" worldwide Amateur assignments on the 40-meter band; that is, have (perhaps!) a single exclusive worldwide assignment for Amateur Radio rather than the patchwork arrangement we now have. Check the http://www.pdarrl.org for more info.

73 Jim Maxwell W6CF


W5YI VE Session at HARC Meetings

The W5YI VE team is headed by Lee Wical KH6BZ.

The VE Session will follow the HARC Meeting. If you have any question, contact Lee. The fee is set by the FCC. You need your current license and a copy of it, plus a photo ID, if you plan to upgrade.



Current Officers


Pres John Peters K1ER

Vpres Dan Greeson KH6P

Treas Phil Preece NH6SA

Sec (see Pres!)



Francis Blatt KH6KH

Ted Chernin KH6GI

Lee Wical KH6BZF

Peter Demmer KH6CTQ


Some of these officers have been doing the job for several years. YOU need to volunteer to keep HARC alive and active. Come to meetings, participate.




The Major topic for our January meeting will be the submarine/fishing boat collision and the planned Hawaii Hamfest for 2001. Actually there is no speaker but we'll discuss those topics and experts on both will be at the meeting to answer questions and discuss plans. And of course our future meeting location. The room at Denny's is the big plus while the food is a minus. Perhaps the Zippy's on Vineyard? Most places are merely public dining rooms and NOT suitable! We still need the Columbia Inn.


FCC Weekly report from Riley Holingsworth in on the Internet


Every second Sunday there is a new 8 minute audio report from Riley Holingsworth, Special Counsel for Amateur Radio posted to the Internet. It is worth taking the time to listen and understand the extent to which the FCC IS back in the Amateur Enforcement business. You'll find the current weeks report at: http://www.rrsta.com/rain/ "RAIN" is the Radio Amateur Information Network and contains other tidbits of possible interest as well.


Or you can just read it for yourself.


The FCC Enforcement logs are all posted to the ARRL Webpage and you can find them at: http://www.arrl.org/news/enforcement_logs/


The ARRL Members Only Web Page is enough to make joining ARRL worth the money!


From the Feb 15, 2001 Enforcement Log (a continuing saga):


HONOLULU, HI [UPDATE]: The FCC wrote Technician licensee Elaine C. Kam, KH7YQ, on January 11, 2001, regarding her application for an Extra class Amateur Radio license. The FCC had granted Kam's application for Extra on October 26, 2000, and issued her the call sign AH6QQ. Subsequently, the FCC notified Kam on November 24, 2000, that it was returning her application to pending status and returning Kam's license class to Technician. FCC Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth requested that Kam re-take Element 1, the Morse code element, under the supervision of a ARRL-VEC volunteer examiner team on or before February 20, 2001. Hollingsworth said that if Kam passes the retest, her application for Extra will be processed and granted.


Calendar of Events

HARC Meeting

Denny's on Pali Momi.

Time 0900 Sat March 17th

Breakfast, ham topics and VE. Discuss what you like.

Breakfast Meeting

SIZZLER at Pearl Ridge (NEW LOCATION!!!)

0800 Every Tuesday

Gathering of Hams, about a dozen

KARC Meeting

Botanical garden in Kaneohe

0930 2nd Saturday every month

QCWA Honolulu Chapter # 206

Last Friday every month, 0800, SIZZLER at Pearl Ridge

Officers & Directors of HARC

President John Peters K1ER 484-9748

Vice Pres Dan Greeson KH6P

Treasurer Phil Preece NH6SA 732-7201

Secretary John Peters K1ER 484-9748


Francis Blatt KH6KH

Ted Chernin KH6GI

Peter Demmer KH6CTQ

Lee Wical KH6BZF 247-0587










2001 Member Application Form

New or renewal, same form. The best way to learn what your new license can mean is to chat with the old timers who've been there.

Mail a check to HARC.

We want you as a member of HARC.






ARRL Member? o Yes o Life o No.


Dues for 2001 are due and remain $15

Mail to:

Phil Preece NH6SA

HARC Treasurer

2049 St Louis Drive

Honolulu, HI 96816


What do YOU want HARC to do?

What would YOU like to do in HARC?

I need material for this Newsletter. Do you want me to copy material from the Pacific Division ARRL Newsletter? ARRL Bulletins? Why don't YOU write something and send it?

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