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How to waterproof field day coax connections


After connecting two coax cables with an UHF barrel adapter during a field day exercise, you should waterproof it against the inevitable overnight rain. To accomplish this in less than ten seconds, cut an eight inch length of 7/8th inch I.D. foam hot water pipe insulation (the non-split type), slide it over one coax connector, join the coaxes with a barrel, slide the insulation over the join and strap it TIGHTLY one inch from each end with nylon cable ties. Done.

A five-foot length of pipe insulation costs $1.50 providing up to eight pieces. Nylon ties are $.05 each. That's $.30 per connection. It's cheaper than electrical tape and coax-seal and a lot faster. To disassemble, cut ties with diagonal pliers.

Jim Yuen, WH6GS 5/25/2003


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