Communications Center

The RACES team operates the console at Oahu Civil DefenseAgency during the monthly Emergency Drill.

(front to back)

Randy Kurashige, AH6Q
Adrian DiTucci, KH7GK (standing)
Jeff Herman, KH6O

The console area is the heart of the emergency communications at OCDA.

The Motorola Centricom Console is the main operating position for Amateur Radio communications at OCDA.

Note the RACES Quick Response Team Handbook is always available for reference.

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The counter area holds the various radio rigs, from VHF to HF to VHF Packet Radio

The Kenwood HF rig provides communications over long distances, establishing contact with the neighbor islands.


Russell Houlton, WH7O, operates the HF station under the KH6OCD license to connect with the neighbor islands and the mainland.

In the background is the VHF packet station and computer.

The VHF packet system at OCDA.permits us to pass long messages capable of being printed at the receiving site.

Part of the mission of Oahu Civil Defense and RACES is to ensure that the public is informed about what to do in case of an emergency.

Bev Yuen, AH6NF, checks out the booklets and brochures that are available at no cost at OCDA. Booklets include information from the Oahu Civil Defense Agency, State of Hawaii and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).