J-Pole Construction, February 2003

On February 1, 2003, Oahu RACES coordinator, Ray Moody, AH6LT, sponsored a J-Pole Antenna Construction Party for RACES members and non-members alike.

Kimo Chun, KH7U, generously provided space at the capacious Delta Communications facilities in Mapunapuna for the gathering.

Some twenty Oahu hams attended at 9 am, first time antenna builders and kibitzers alike. Greg Amancio, NH6ZS, a Copper J-pole veteran, "elmered" the group in measuring, cutting, soldering and tuning their "Copper Cactus Magic Radiators".

By noontime, ten proud hams carried their newly-created 60-inch DX-fishing-poles lovingly to their cars and future happy hamming. Congratulations.

Of course, what's a ham gathering without food? Mel Inouye, WH6UG, graciously provided slices of ono banana bread and muffins. Thanks, Mel.


John Gwaltney, NH7LL watched with interest as Greg Amancio, NH6ZS demonstrated how to properly heat and solder a Tee on the antenna.

Maude Williams, NH7IX happily positions her new Copper-J for a final inspection.