How to Join RACES

Why should you become a RACES member rather than just assist as an individual?

In a large emergency, OCDA (and therefore, RACES) will take the lead in communications to get government and essential services functioning. Members are covered by Worker's Compensation when deployed by RACES.

By law, RACES stations can only communicate with other RACES stations;

How do you become involved in RACES?  Contact the RACES coordinator for Oahu for more information or go to the Oahu Civil Defense Office, basement of the Honolulu Municipal Building, 650 S. King St. in Honolulu to sign up. The office is open Monday thru Friday from 7:45 am to 4:30 pm except on holidays. Or for more information, contact OCDA/ RACES coordinator.
Do I have to be an Amateur Radio Operator (Ham)?  No, You don't need to be a ham. Anyone can volunteer. There are many activities that require a willing mind and hand. This includes monitoring radios and helping message handling.

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